Genre Examples

For my examples I chose three different museums to compare. The first museum I chose is  . It is a smaller museum and shows what kind of genre I will be coming across if I work in smaller museum. The next museum I chose is the Cincinnati Museum. It is a more medium size museum. The last museum I chose is the Smithsonian. It is a big museum with many attractions.

In this example the Betts house is a small museum so there website doesn’t have as much to offer. This website does a simple description of the house and what they have. They just do it in paragraph form and doesn’t seem to update their website often. It has a lot of paragraphs and doesn’t have very many links. It is simple and to the point.


This link I believe is an important example of genre that I could be seeing as a museum curator. This link is to the Cincinnati Museum’s blog. The information in the blog various. I feel like this is a good example of how the museum is trying to stay inactive with the public. Whenever they find something interesting to talk about they post it. They also give tips and some history lessons.

In this example the Smithsonian went for more of a blog form. They have a list of historical objects and you can click on the object to read the description of it. In this link you can see Lincoln’s Contemporaries. It give you a description of it and then a website link to find out more about them. The Smithsonian has many different genres but the blog form seems to be the biggest one.


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