Genre Analysis Reflection

  1. Now I know the different types of genre I may be writing in and how to use it properly.What did you learn from working on this assignment?
    • I learned that my area of interest has many different writing genres. I also learned it is a bit difficult uncovering what is a writing genre for the field and what isn’t one. I have learned that websites and blogs are one of the biggest ones.
  2. What did you take away?
    • What I took away is that I will never know for sure what I will write in the future so it’s a good idea to know how to write in all different types of genres. I also learned that the skills I learn now will follow me into my career.
  3. What does this sample of your writing demonstrate about what you know about writing?
    • This sample of my writing demonstrates that I know how to research. I went into this not knowing anything about genre besides the basics.

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