Final Course Reflection

What have you learned about these concepts through the writing projects in this course?

I have learned that most writing should be direct at someone or a community. When it is directed at a community is should be written in their language and their style of writing. It you are trying to write to someone outside the community you should use simple language and an easy to read format for people who aren’t use to the community writing style.   


How and why might you be able to use these concepts in other courses?

I can use these concepts in other course by thinking who am I writing for. What kind of language and format should I be using? This would help me be able to decide my audience and how I should write for the class.


How might you use these concepts after you graduate?

I would use the concepts the same way I would use them in class. I would think about the community I am writing for and go from there. I would then think about the style of writing and what medium I should use. This will help me get across what I am trying to write about.


How could these concepts benefit you as a citizen and contributing member of society?

These concepts benefit me as a citizen and contributing member of society by if I decided to write more history pieces I would know how to display it in a way people could understand. Not only could I write for my specific writing community I could also write for people outside of my writing community. I would be able to effectively get the word out there.


Are you ready to “put in your oar?”

I am ready to put in my “oar.” I think with the knowledge I have gained from this class I could put in my “oar” better than I could before.


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