About Me

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My name is Rebbecca Galligan and I currently work at Newport Aquarium. I have been there for about 6 months now and I don’t plan on leaving until I finish college. The career I would like to have when I finish college is to be a museum curator. I know the job I hold now doesn’t have an obvious representation of my chosen career but it can still be relevant towards it. For one thing, I am a supervisor there so it gives me the practice I need to one day help run a museum. Having supervisory experience helps show future employers that I have some experience managing others and I’m not going into the field blind. I also do work with other people a lot. I am currently in the cafe but I am looking at working in other department as well. Even with me only being in the cafe I still teach people a lot about the animals and where they came from. I may not know as much as the other departments but I still know something.